Happy Grandparent’s Day!!

As most of you know Grandparents Day was yesterday.  Here at Chadwick Elementary we are going to celebrate our Grandparents on Friday, September 12, 2014.  Anyone who your child views as their grandparent is welcome to come and join them for lunch on Friday.

We are busy, busy, busy, in our 2nd grade classroom!  The Christian County Library Book Mobile came last week and a number of my students chose a book to take home with them.  I stressed to the students that they are responsible for the book for the next couple weeks.  The book mobile will be back on October 2nd so that they can return the books they chose and get new ones if they would like.  I am so excited about the book mobile and know that we will be exposed to a greater variety of books.  In social studies 2nd grade is learning all things about communities!!!  We have discussed what communities have and can have.  How communities are the same and different.  So make sure to be asking questions about communities because your 2nd grader will want to answer them!!  This week our spelling list is over /e/, /o/, and /u/ words so we will be reading, writing, and spelling all things /e/,/o/,and /u/.  Looking forward to meeting all the Grandparents this week!!

Spelling Words

The students received their first list of 2nd grade spelling words today.  We have 15 words on our spelling list.  On Thursday we will have our pre-test, if a student scores 100% on their pre-test then they do not have to take the spelling test on Friday.  Anyone who scores less than 100% will have the opportunity to better their score on Friday.

Unit 1 Week 1

Short /a/ and /i/

  1. has
  2. wag
  3. bad
  4. six
  5. will
  6. sat
  7. had
  8. fix
  9. him
  10. if
  11. can
  12. hit
  13. why
  14. for
  15. help

Yes, I did ask them that!!

We had a great first week in 2nd grade!  In science we are learning about the differences in animal life cycles.  So yes when your 2nd grader comes and tells you that I ask them to bring a TADPOLE to school they are not kidding.  I think it will be fun for us to watch our tadpole’s life cycle.  Looking forward to a great week!!