Build-A-Snowman Workshop

Good afternoon and happy holidays! As our semester comes to a close, I thought it would be fitting for 2nd and 1st grade to build snowmen out of P.E. equipment in wishes that we have a white Christmas! They got really creative with it and had some awesome turnouts! Here are their finished products:

Snowman13 Snowman12 Snowman11 Snowman10 Snowman9 Snowman8 Snowman7 Snowman6 Snowman5 Snowman4 Snowman3 Snowman2 Snowman1

Badminton Tournament Results

Good afternoon! We started a badminton unit in 3rd and 7th hourĀ a couple of weeks ago and then had each class participate in a big tournament. Everyone played awesome and gave it their all! Each class had a championship game where the entire class sat around the court to watch and cheer on their classmates. Posted are pictures of the winners from each class. Great job everyone!

Badminton 3rd Hour Badminton 7th Hour