Popsicle Stick House Project

To kick off the school year 5-8 grades are building popsicle stick houses. After they work as a team to build their house, they are going to figure how much it cost to build it. Each popsicle stick will cost $800 and if they colored the stick it will then cost $900. If they cut the stick in half, the cost of the stick will also be cut in half. Each grade has to buy a piece of land (cardboard) from me to put their house on. Each group will have to present how much their house and land cost. The class will vote on the best house. The winning team will get candy.

Pictures will come soon!!!

Welcome to Middle School Math

Welcome to Middle School Math!

Students in 5th-8th grade will have 80 minutes of math each day. They will explore a variety of topics and use written expression to explain their ideas, steps, and thought process. Students will be challenged daily with various types of problems and create a composition resource book that will serve as a study material.  Though there will be minimal homework to complete, students will have a lot of hands on, group, and individual class work everyday. Parents, we are on the same team. We both want what is best for your child.

Thank you for your help. I am looking forward to an exciting and challenging 2017-2018 school year!


PS I grade a lot on participation, effort, and attitude. Encouraging your child to do these best in these three areas will help his or her grade significantly.