While we wait…..

I just want to touch base with you all and let you know I am missing you.

Mr. Linn and I are doing well and are looking forward to seeing all of our students soon.

Please know that if you have internet access at home, you should login to IXL and practice recommendations for 30 minutes a day. This will keep your math skills up while we wait this virus out!

If you have any questions you are more than welcome to email me at linnm@chcadwik.k12.mo.us.

Also if you have facebook and want to message me, please do so. I am listed as Margaret Hawkins Linn.

Know that I love you and am praying we are all back together soon!

Mrs. Linn

Winding it up!

Well, this week we are working on our end of the semester diagnostic test in i-Ready. This shows our students how well they have performed over the past semester.

Next week we will be finishing up the units we are working on.

Then finally we will have finals on Tuesday and Wednesday of the next week. (December 17th and 18th).

Have a Merry Christmas!

Mrs. Linn

We’re BACK!

Hello! Welcome back to another wonderful school year at Chadwick High School. Can you believe it is the 2019-2020 school year? Time just keeps moving. This is the start of my 11th year here at Chadwick. It is my 24th year of teaching.

Hope everyone had an awesome summer. Mr. Linn and I had a full summer spending time with family as well as having some fun at the beach as Hurricane Barry started blowing in on the gulf coast. We had never gotten to experience how high the waves were getting at our favorite beach spot. It was really amazing to realize the place we had sat on the beach the day we got there was completely under water the rest of the week we were there.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few day! Let’s have a great school year!