Welcome to Mrs. Mitchell’s First Grade Blog

I started this little blog as a way to share ideas and “virtually scrapbook” my classroom happenings.  I never could have anticipated how the Lord would bless me in other ways.  God is great, isn’t He?

I’m continually inspired by all the amazing teachers who share their ideas through blogging and feel like I’m such a better teacher because of all of our online collaboration.  There are so many talented, amazing educators out there!

I believe that learning should be hands-on, full of content and rigor, creative, and meaningful.  Most of all, learning should be FUN!  There’s nothing I love more than knowing my kids don’t even realize they’re learning because they’re having so much fun through the process. While I love having cute materials and classroom decor, I believe that content can’t be ignored. Never underestimate the value of highly engaging material coupled with strong instruction.  Just because it’s cute doesn’t mean there’s no substance! 🙂