December 8-12 Reading

We will be taking the Unit 2 Test during the week of December 8-12. This test will cover what we have learned over the past 5 weeks in our Wonders Reading Curriculum.

We will be focusing again on the important skills covered during the last five weeks. Here are some activities you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we’ll be reviewing and extending.

  • Read a short fiction book together.
  • Write a few simple sentences together to retell the story, or have your child dictate ideas for you to write. Have your child add some drawings to help retell the story.
  • Ask your child to present the retelling to family members.

Before your child presents the retelling, discuss this checklist.

√    Look over your retelling. Does it clearly tell what happens in the story?

√    Speak clearly and loud enough.

√    Ask your audience if they have any questions.

Showing interest in your child’s reading, writing, and speaking will help his or her progress during the year.