Scholarships Opportunities that were emailed to the school. Reminder to students it is always responsible to check a scholarship validity before applying.

The Scholarship Programs below are accepting applications from students between September 18th, 2017 and November 30th, 2017.  Please read the application instructions on the website carefully before applying.

1. We The Future Scholarship – September 18, 2017 (14 Awards – $1,000)

2. Wendy’s High School Heisman – October 2, 2017 (100 Awards – $10,000)

3. Pinot’s Palette Scholarship – October 31, 2017 (1 Award – $1,000)

4. Siddhi Yoga Scholarship – November 30, 2017 (1 Award – $1,000)

Featured Scholarships

5. VIP Scholarship – September 30, 2017 (1 Award – $5,000)

6. SP Scholarship – September 30, 2017 (10 Awards – $10,000)

7. YDI Scholarship – September 29, 2017 (1 Award – $1,000)

Scholarship Opportunity

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program

Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants are pleased to be able to continue with our scholarship program for the 10th year.We will be awarding up to $1,000 to the winner(s) each year.Scholarship Deadline   –  June 12 2017.

Application Process

Students will submit an essay on the topic that appears on the scholarship page of our web site:

Full details are available on our site.Please encourage your students to apply.

Scholarship Opportunities From Outside Scholarships

These scholarship opportunities were emailed to me. I wanted to pass them along. Keep in mine I have not investigated them so you will have to look into them. They are from Outside Scholarships.

That’s also our mission here at Outside Scholarships, so in that spirit, I wanted to pass some other opportunities you may not be aware of. I thought they’d make a great addition to your page here:

Student Financial Aid Search Engine: Find & Apply for Financial Aid to Pay for College

Geneseo Migrant Center Scholarships for Migrant Students

Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation Scholarships

Society of Women Engineers Scholarship Program

ENTELEC’s Wayne V. Black Scholarship

VFW Auxiliary’s Young American Patriotic Art Contest

NOAA’s Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship

Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund

Diabetes Scholars Foundation

Common Knowledge Scholarship Competition

Nursing Scholarship Opportunity

I’d like to make your students aware of a scholarship opportunity. Nursing Schools Almanac has just launched its third annual Aspiring Nurse Scholarship. Our website will award a $1,000 scholarship to an aspiring nurse who best demonstrates:

+ A track record of academic excellence, particularly in science and mathematics
+ A passion for the nursing profession and the overall field of healthcare

This scholarship is open to all high school seniors who plan to pursue college education in nursing, including LPN / LVN, ADN, and BSN programs. Scholarship applications will be accepted until midnight on June 30, 2017.

Interested students may visit and click the banner on the right-hand side of the website’s homepage. Here they’ll find detailed scholarship information and the official application form.

Websites To Help You Find Scholarships

I received an email  saying these websites could help my seniors find scholarships. I wanted to pass on the information. Feel free use them or not they are just resources. Personally I have not used any of them but FastWeb!

Student Financial Aid Search Engine: Find & Apply for Financial Aid to Pay for College

“No Essay” College Scholarship

Scholarship America Scholarships

Signing up for FastWeb can also help….

Scholarship Opportunities

1. Youth Noise Scholarship Program – November 21, 2016 (1 Award – $1,000)

2. DISH Promotions Scholarship – November 30, 2016 (1 Award – $1,000)

3. Andrew Flusche Scholarship – November 30, 2016 (1 Award – $500)

4. Get-Frontier Scholarship – November 30, 2016 (1 Award – $1,000)

Featured Scholarships:

5. SP Scholarship – November 30, 2016 (10 Awards – $10,000)

6. VIP Scholarship – November 30, 2016 (1 Award – $5,000)

7. YDI Scholarship – November 29, 2016 (1 Award – $1,000)

ACT Test For Juniors


The ACT test date for Chadwick is Tuesday, April 19th. Every junior must be in attendance and on time on Tuesday, April 19th. Each junior must bring their drivers license or permit with them in order to be admitted to the testing session.  Please get a good night’s rest and eat a good breakfast.

EOC Testing Is Starting

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This is a reminder that Chadwick students will be EOC testing April 11–April 15, 2016. It is very important that each student be in attendance and on time for testing days. Please make sure that your child gets a good night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast before testing. Should you not be able to provide breakfast for your child, the school will be providing free breakfast to all students on the days they test. We appreciate your willingness to work together to help the students do their very best on the test.


Algebra 1 Monday, April 11th
Government Monday, April 11th
English II Tuesday, April 12th
American History Tuesday, April 12th
English I Wednesday, April 13th
Algebra II Thursday, April 14th
Geometry Thursday, April 14th
Physical Science Thursday, April 14th
Biology Friday, April 15th