The Band Goes to Festival!

For the first time in the history of the program, the band entered and attended a music festival. We attended the Fairgrove Junior High Music Festival in Fairgrove Missouri on April 8th, 2017. The band prepared two contrasting pieces to be performed in front of judges. Ten students also individually prepared solos and two small ensembles. The morning started out early as we met for inspection and hopped on the bus.

The band arrived early at Fairgrove High school and the woodwinds prepared to perform. The flute solos, flute trio, and clarinet solos went very well! The judge took a few minutes to talk with each performer about breathing, articulation and phrasing. She said everyone had a great tone quality and a full rich sound!


The band met again and lined up to be walked to the warm up room. They had practiced their walking and looking sharp. We wanted to leave a good impression with the other schools.

In the warm up room

They entered the warm up room and had a good time rehearsing bits and pieces and warming up. Finally the room monitor led us to the gym. Of course, Ms. Woods left her conducting baton in the warm-up room so one of the students ran back to get it before we entered the room. The students walked in looking really sharp and professional. One of the judges commented that we looked really put together and prepared. We played our two pieces and they were performed brilliantly. Every student was focused and engaged as we made beautiful music together!

In the performance room before the judges

After the performance the two judges walked up to the band and said they did an amazing job. The first judge talked about articulation and dynamics and the second judge followed him. They both said we looked really sharp and they LOVED the matching shirts. Then, my favorite moment, the first judge asked “Raise your hand if this is your first competition” and we ALL raised our hands including me the director! He was completely shocked. I told him the program was only 4 years old. He asked if I had been there all four years and I told him that this was not only my first year at Chadwick but also my first year teaching. Both judges said they NEVER would have guessed that this was everyone’s first time competing. He said “I take back everything I just told you. You all are fabulous!” The other judge agreed! They both said that we have done an amazing job to keep working hard!

We waited for about an hour in the cafeteria and the brass began warming up for their solos and ensembles. Suddenly there was an announcement that new scores had been posted. We ran to look at the woodwinds and there, on the wall, were Superior 1 ratings for our two flute solos, one flute trio, and two clarinet solos. We were all so excited jumping up and down celebrating! We continued down the line reading the other scores. There, on the wall, was the scores for the band and it said Superior 1 rating!!! It was such a complete shock and  everyone started screaming and jumping up and down as we celebrated. Then we realized the brass were still in the warm up room and had no idea about our scores. We all went to the warm up room and had the brass quiet down because we had important news. When they found out the whole gym filled with screams and we began jumping up and down again. It was the best feeling in the world!

Finally it was time for the brass to perform. Each solo and the trumpet trio was performed beautifully. The judge even asked Jaron, the tuba soloists, to shake his hand for playing so well! He said everyone had a great tone, projected well, and looked sharp. Awhile later scores were posted and once again EVERY SOLO AND ENSEMBLE received a Superior 1 rating! We were so shocked and everyone was so happy. The band ran out to the bus to put up all the music and instruments as we waited for our comment sheets back. When we came back into the cafeteria we saw one of the chaperones holding something shiny. She gave us our packet with our score sheets and a beautiful trophy that said Fairgrove Music Festival: I Rating. We were elated and began celebrating again. All of this was a total shock and we had no idea that the competition would turn out this well.

The band with the trophy and all the soloists and ensembles with their ribbons

Every student who performed in a solo and ensemble also recieved a blue ribbon that said ” I rating” on it!

We ended the day by celebrating and relaxing at Steak and Shake. Burgers and shakes are a good reward for a successful day.

I am so proud of all the band has accomplished this year! We’ve overcome so much, worked hard every day in class, practiced and prepared at home, and it has all paid off.


Spring Concert!

The spring concert was this Friday! We featured the High school chimes group, a flute solo, two clarinet solos, two trumpet solos, a tuba solo, and a trumpet trio, and the middle school band! The performances went so well and everyone enjoyed the concert! This was our pre-contest concert for the band who went to festival competition the next day! The band performances can be seen here on our band facebook page!

Pep Band

A new addition to the Music Department here in Chadwick is the Pep Band! We will be playing at select basketball games this year! Our first performance was December 15th and the students had fun playing exciting songs and getting the crowd pumped up for the game! We cheered, played, and even did the mannequin challenge!

Inaugural Chadwick Pep Band! Go Cardinals!

Veteran’s Day!

Veteran’s Day was celebrated in Chadwick on November 11th! Our music department was excited to come together to honor those who have worked very hard in serving our country. The elementary students sang of the flag, America, and our soldiers who fought for our land. The choir sang about why they loved America and the band and choir joined together for The Battle Hymn of Republic which was arranged by Ana Woods for the Chadwick Band and Choir.

Two of the band students, Bianca Mitchell and Kylie Purdome, were selected for their outstanding essays to be read during the ceremony. In the following weeks band students Katie Sallee and Bianca Mitchell were awarded for their essays in the Patriot’s Pen competition they had entered and moved on to the next round of judging. Below is video from the final piece of the ceremony.

The gym before the ceremony

Choir and Band performing Battle Hymn of the Republic

Decorated the piano and music stands for the ceremony!


A New Banjo and a new Drum!


Our newest percussionist was very excited to find the bass drum when he came into class today!

Thanks to some generous people we have received a new banjo and a new bass drum! I’m so thankful for those willing to invest in our program. Also,  huge thank you to Mrs. Teresa Dixon who is our Hoover rep and friend. She’s been so supportive and helpful teaching me the ways of being a band director!20160928_081838 20160927_0850581

Fall is Here!

This week in music we sang many songs about fall and enjoyed playing with our new leaves and watching them tumble down. We also began looking at songs for our Veteran’s Day program. The band has been rehearsing the Star Spangled Banner and it’s beginning to sound great!

Also, we had a guest speaker in our strings class. Country singer and musician Justin David came to our strings class and talked about how he started his career in music. He told the students about the rich music heritage here in this part of Missouri. He played a few tunes on the fiddle and guitar. Our preschool class came in and joined us to hear him play.

Lastly we began introducing the hand chimes to the elementary classes. We sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider as students rang. The highschoolers have been learning to read chime music and have started Carol of the Bells for our Christmas Program.

All in all it was a great week!

Fall is in the air!

Fall is in the air!

Ringing chimes and singing!

Ringing chimes and singing!

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Hand Chimes and Conducting! Oh my!!

Today we started learning hand chimes and we picked it up quickly! We started reading lines and spaces and even started weaving. I’m excited to see how we progress and making music together. A huge thank you to Evangel Temple Christian Center for loaning me their extra set of chimes! I’m glad we get to use them to teach music! Today in middle school band the students had a chance to be the conductor. We’ve been learning the choral round “The Ghost of John” and exploring the harmonies and dynamics of the song.

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Grandparents Day!

The Grandparents Day program was a hit! We had so much fun singing about elephants, pidgeons, sunshine and rainbows. Even though it was dreary outside it was definitely bright and cheery inside with singing children. We had fun rehearsing our songs this week in class and showing our families what we’ve been learning! Here’s some pics of our kiddos in class acting out one of our story songs, and also getting ready for our program!14256598_10208863729564409_1497177367_n 14374532_10208863703243751_1940287662_o 14397943_10208863719844166_576937741_n 14398012_10208863717604110_1215114733_n